BlueSky Lighting

"Bluesky fixtures and lamps are rapidly replacing legacy technologies in greenhouse lighting due to their enhanced energy efficiancy that dramatically improves the performance of a wide variety of growing systems while improving crop yield per kilowatt hour used.”

Jonathan Cheng, President and CEO, BlueSky Grow Lights

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Key Benefits:

Our 250W fixture is designed to reduce your consumption of energy and provide greater crop production.  Your existing 400W HPS or 400 MH fixture can be replaced with our 250w fixture to achieve two of your efficiency goals.


Our unique design reduces the PhotoSynthetic Activation Radiation loss  that disrupts a plants extended growth cycle (less than 8% over 100,000 hours of life, or over 25 years at 12 hours per day usage).

BlueSky Induction Lighting System.

Save more than 60% of Your Electricity Bill Compared to Your Conventional High Bay Metal Halide Lighting System.

Dr. Nishio

Dr. John Goeschl

An Amazing Breakthrough in Cool, Efficient Agricultural lighting.

BlueSky’s Induction Greenhouse Fixture is a fantastic combination of leading edge induction lighting technology coupled with proprietary phosphor chemistry to produce a fixture with long life, minimum losses in PhotoSynthetic Activation Radiation, and is rich in 400nm and 650nm electromagnetic wavelengths.

Our useful light output in the chlorophyll absorption range is equivalent to a HPS or MH lamp at 60% or more of our wattage.